Anne Herman’s 2 minute presentation to Council April 23, 2012

Good evening Mayor (Mussatto) and Council,


My name is Anne Herman, (address).   I am speaking for North Van City Voices.

During a discussion at Council on February 6 regarding the proposed Harbourside Task Force Councilor Heywood made the statement “the debate of whether there ought to be residential density at Harbourside belongs in a broad scope of consultation such as a town hall meeting”.   He later stated in a letter to the North Shore News on February 15 “I am looking forward to discussing with the community what we ought to do with Harbourside at the planned town hall meetings”.


Many in the community were looking forward to this discussion at the town hall meeting on April 12th.  Unfortunately, the meeting proved to be another sales pitch by a developer and should have been called an information meeting.  We were disappointed that only four Councillors found the time or inclination to attend.


With the requirement that Harbourside is an OCP amendment, the discussion needs to be between the residents and Council.  Not between the residents and the developer.  Councillor Heywood was correct in saying what to do with Harbourside is a community/council decision.


In the City published “Development Guide for the public” pamphlet a town hall meeting “provides an opportunity for the Mayor and Council members to hear the views of the developers and public before the application is formally considered by Council.”


On April 30th the interested community wants an authentic town hall meeting which includes a discussion between citizens, council members and city staff. That would be worthwhile for everyone concerned.


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