Gerry Scott’s 2 minute presentation to Council April 23, 2012

Good evening Mayor Mussatto and Council members,

My name is Gerry Scott, (address), North Van and I am a member of North Van City Voices.

The City ofNorth Vancouver does not owe the Harbourside developers any favours.  These developers acquired this property knowing what the zoning allowed.  They were the risk takers.  We also need to keep in mind that if the city council does agree with the developer’s proposal,  it will be the developers who profit, not the residents of our city.  It is also worth noting that along the whole of the city waterfront there presently is only one small public park, that being theWaterfrontParknear the Quay.  I think we would all agree that it is unfortunate  that the original planners  of this city failed to consider  the value of waterfront property for public use , quite contrary to Vancouver where there was sufficient vision to set aside  what is now Stanley Park.  A more recent example of judicious  council decisions was the purchase last January by themunicipalityofWest Vancouver  of two waterfront homes in the  Ambleside area for a total cost of over $7.8 million  to be added to that municipality’s growing waterfront park.  Sometime in the past the  City ofNorth Vancouverdid acquire the narrow strip of shoreline fronting the Harbourside property,  but alas, they allowed the balance of the property to slip out of their hands.

The developers are now in a predicament.  They can’t find parties who wish to acquire any of the unsold land as it is presently zoned, at the price asked by the developers. That is their problem – not ours.

It is still not too late for the remaining undeveloped part of Harbourside to be transformed into parkland  but it requires vision on the part of city council.  Based on the present zoning , the property is valued substantially less than if rezoned  for residential use.

Buy it back — future generations will praise you!

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