Some highlights from the NS News Wednesday, May 9, 2012


WE are gobsmacked by City of North Vancouver Coun. Linda Buchanan’s comments during Monday night’s debate over Onni Group’s latest proposal for redeveloping the Safeway site at 13th Street and Lonsdale Avenue.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, “gobsmacked” implies slapping one’s hand to one’s face and saying in an unbelieving tone: Did she really just say that!?

It’s hard to comprehend that a councillor – however new at the job – would actually say she wants her municipality to do a “very good job of getting out the people that we want to see” at the townhall meeting approved by council Monday.

Lest there was doubt in anyone’s mind as to whom Buchanan was talking about, she clarified her remark. Apparently the good councillor does not want to hear from the people who have come to previous such town hall meetings “and tell us the same thing.”

In other words, if you think the city’s pace of development is moving too rapidly, shut up.

If you think the city should not be contemplating huge development proposals like Onni’s or the Harbourside plan of Concert Properties at the same time as ostensibly beginning public debate on a new official community plan, keep your opinion to yourself.

Apparently, city residents who pay attention to the way the fabric of their society is changing around them and offer opinions contrary to Buchanan’s don’t represent the residents she wants to hear from.

We hope Buchanan’s preconceptions aren’t held by the rest of her council.

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