Beach Volleyball letter to NS News

Letter to NS News October 17, 2012

I’d like to express my profound thanks to city councillors Bookham, Clark,Heywood and Bell for using plain old common sense at the

October 14 council meeting.  They did what every budget-minded householder has been doing lately, they said “No” to spending money on an unnecessary  amusement.

Beach vollyball players  asked for  city funded courts at the Lonsdale waterfront  and council replied by asking for  a  feasibility report from their staff.  Mayor Mussatto was so enthused by the idea that before the report came back for Council endorsement, he evidently told the players that the courts would be be built and even went so far as to announce, at a public meeting, that sand was going to be delivered within a week.

The staff report was then received by council:  Cost = $140,000; Use = limited to spring and summer- good weather only ;Tenure = about 2 years.

When the vote was taken, it was 4-3 against with Councillors Bookham, Clark, Heywood and Bell using what I call good old common sense.  Our tax dollars can be put to much better use.   Thanks to the four of you!

Joan Peters

North Vancouver



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