“None So Blind” Letter to NS News from Joan Peters Nov 1

Dear Editor,


Picture 22nd and Lonsdale – 1960’s (courtesy NV Archives)


          At the October 29 City Council workshop on density bonusing, Councillor Linda Buchanan again made a statement that stunned those of us in the gallery.   She said, and I must paraphrase this because the meeting was not recorded,:-  I don’t see much change to Lonsdale Ave. from the 1960’s.  All I see are old buildings being replaced by new ones. 
           Thanks to the North Vancouver Archives, here are pictures of Lonsdale in the 1960’s.  Aside from there being no traffic lights, hardly any traffic and the trees are taller than the buildings , I think everyone will agree there have been many hard to ignore changes!
But, as the old proverb says – There are none so blind as those who won’t see.
                                             Joan Peters

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