The Tyee – How Powerful Are BC’s Municipal ‘Super PACs’?

The Tyee – How Powerful Are BC’s Municipal ‘Super PACs’?.


One response to “The Tyee – How Powerful Are BC’s Municipal ‘Super PACs’?

  1. Hi NVC Voices, Hope to be at City Hall tomorrow eve to observe of your efforts re the Safeway site. Just an update that one or two of you may have seen me speak a number of times speak at the 2 minute public input period (which I claim I managed to obtain back in 2002 for the N Van residents from my brochure – when there was not such a 2 min input period)public input, of another issue of the lacking N Van Policing Committee. Here I am trying to have the Terms of Reference of this Policing Committee amended from the reading of ex N Van RCMP officer Cpl Galliford stating that she had nowhere to turn and also of other past and current Nth Van RCMP incidences. This Committee will only be meeting 3 times during the 2012 year which I feel allows the local detachment to be less than professional and be aware that the RCMP detachment management here does not wish the public to attend any of these meetings and also claim that all is “In Camera”.
    I have shown by way of a 10 min delegation input in July 2012 that this is contrary to other Policing Committee’s where the public is allowed and also able to speak and also their meetings are held Monthly and also Citizen based. Examples West Van (where I have been able to attend and speak), New Westminster and Burnaby (RCMP – where I also have attended and they have apprx 15 citizens on their committee.
    It’s a slow road for as the N Van Committee includes the District, I have been having to go to District Hall to appear and also speak there at their Public input period as the delegation part is a restriction.?
    Thank you, John Harvey.

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