Letter to Editor from Ron Polly

Dear Editor

Under the noses of City Hall a perfect little parcel of land at 13th and Lonsdale is being allowed to be swallowed up by density while councils attempts to negotiate space for amenities further away. 

The negotiations have not gone well.  Massing on the site has many rightly concerned and citizens as a whole are thrown mere crumbs for such generous density bonusing. But then we’ve become accustomed to that under the current City administration.

A simple formula that has been suggested over and over is that a fair percentage of the upswing in land value for such bonusing should go to the City of North Vancouver as it does in other communities for the municipality to use as it sees fit.  If this practice had been in effect in the City over the last few years, density and amenities would have gone hand in hand.

Now to Ridgeway Annex – the 1.5 acres of land that School District #44 has decided it no longer needs. Whether that is true or not time will tell.  Sometime in the future, the district is hoping for a site in the bottom of some tower in Lower Lonsdale it can use to add a school in that ever-growing area.

Suggestions to our council and staff: Begin negotiations with the school district to acquire Ridgeway Annex NOW. Trim down Onni’s 13th and Lonsdale application proposal. Make it palatable to North Vancouver area residents, not to people who don’t even live in the City. Take any density allowed in straight honest cash. Then use a portion of those funds to buy Ridgeway Annex for community use. These uses could be to retain the soccer field and play area in one that has little park space. The other could be to house non-profit day care and seniors’ care.

Yours Truly
Ron Polly

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