Letter to Voices members re Onni

It seems that the matter of a 2nd public hearing for the Onni development is coming back before Council on Monday.
Second Public Hearing for “City of North Vancouver Official Community 
Plan Bylaw, 2002, No. 7425, Amendment Bylaw, 2012, No. 8269” (Onni 
Group, IBI Group, 1308 Lonsdale Avenue / 130 East 13
The following resolution adopted on November 26, 2012 has been brought 
back to Council for reconsideration by Mayor D.R. Mussatto as per Section 
131 of the Community Charter and Section 37(3) of the “Council Procedure 
Bylaw, 2004, No. 7590”:
“THAT Bylaw Nos. 8269 and 8268 be referred to a second public hearing 
to take place in the latter half of January 2013.
This means that at least one member of Council has changed their mind about their vote last Monday.  So, by process of elimination – the Councillors that voted in favour of a second public hearing were:  Bell, Bookham, Clark and Heywood. It’s highly unlikely that, in light of their positions last Monday, that Councillors Bookham, Clark and Heywood would change their vote.  Which means that Councillor Bell has changed his mind, as he did last Monday on the beach volleyball vote.  I’ve asked him for an explanation of the volleyball vote, but have not yet received a response.
This means that the 2nd reading for the proposal will take place Monday, if the new public hearing is cancelled.  So four votes are secure for the project to go ahead as is.   It’s probable that we will be told that changes can be made up to the fourth and final reading.  However, if there’s any desire for four to support significant change, the time for changes should be  before the proposal goes to 2nd reading.
To say that this is a disappointing turn of events is an understatement.  I suggest that anyone who disagrees with the project as it is, should contact Councillor Bell at dbell@cnv.org and the Mayor dmussatto@cnv.org and let them know how you feel.  It’s the Mayor’s motion to bring the vote back.  Time for the back room negotiating to stop.



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