Letter to Councillor Bell re Onni from Gerry Scott

I am deeply disappointed that you have had second thoughts on the Onni project and you are now prepared to reconsider your vote of last Monday to require another public hearing.  
When you ran for election in 2011 you assured us that you would, in your words “actively engage the public to ensure there is a clear understanding of any proposed development and how it is beneficial to our community.”   What took place last Monday evening hardly represented that.  Indeed, all factors considered, it was a disgraceful example of extremely poor governance in my opinion.
I believe there is a silent majority of CNV residents who are very disturbed with the rapid densification of our city.  Some of those took the time to attend the public hearing to express their views but gave up due to the hearing’s inordinate length brought on by the highjacking of the meeting by supporters of Onni.  What we witnessed last Monday was a public hearing rigged to enable individuals who had a pecuniary interest in seeing the project approved as presented to dominate the hearing, and a suppression of the residents of the CNV to speak their views.  If the CNV residents are denied a 2nd public hearing on this issue, I believe a large number of them will remember which council members let them down come the next election.  In fact, I will do my best to remind them.
I urge you to join with Councilors Bookham, Clark and Heywood and keep your promise to actively engage the residents of CNV and support another public hearing.
Gerry Scott
623 12th Street East
North Vancouver, BC
V7L 2K7

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