Council meeting Dec 3rd – open letter to City residents

We urge everyone who is dismayed at the current state of affairs of our City with regard to public engagement and process to attend the Council meeting on December 3rd.
In order to speak at the public input period you must sign up between 5.30-6.00, you will be speaking about Agenda Item 16 – “Motion for Reconsideration”.  Last week at public input you could not refer to the closed public hearing, this week you are free to speak your mind about the process.  We suggest that you don’t hold back and keep in mind the impact on the City that this development and process will make.  We were not given sufficient time at the public hearing to explain points of view, instructions on the city website regarding times were wrong, there seemed to be bias on the part of the City toward the developer, negotiations seemed to have already been made with certain groups for the “affordable housing”. 
The City has sold livability for residents for a bargain basement price.   We feel the hearing on the 19th should have been adjourned, not concluded.  At least 20 people did not speak when their names were called, probably because they left before 1.00 a.m. when the hearing concluded.
This project is too big with little return to the City and residents.   Please come to the meeting, wearing red (or black might be more appropriate).   The developer has had the opportunity to make changes, as requested previously by the City, but has failed to do so. 
Also please comment on the articles in the Outlook and the North Shore News.  Feel free to pass this message on to anyone living in the City who is concerned. 

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