Letters to Don Bell (anon)

The following are being posted without names because I’m unable to contact them quickly to obtain their permission to post:

1. Councillor Bell:  I have just heard about your reversed decision regarding the Onni public hearing.  I was much encouraged by your original vote in that it showed us you had listened to our concerns regarding the efficacy of the process and respectfully voted to address them.  What has changed in the relevant issues since Monday evening?  Anything?  I am asking here for an explanation.

I assumed your public vote would not be changed in private but I am afraid we have begun to expect this kind of thing.  Many citizens who pay close attention to the issues have totally lost trust in this City Council.  We wish we could reverse some of our votes.

2. Don,

You well know that the public hearing was hijacked by the developer and because of that Council did not hear the views of those against the Onni development. Yet now we have heard you are prepared to change your vote and we will not get a chance to be heard at a new public hearing.

I suspect you long ago stopped actually listening to us voters, opting instead for a kind of “furrowed-brow pretend listening”, followed by deal-making in back rooms.

If you do change your vote on Onni, I promise to do everything I can to ensure you hear us clearly at the next election.




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