Message to people emailing Council

Many people have been writing to four Councillors only, please copy all members of Council so that they know how many are engaged and watching this process.  Quote from Metro today:

A major project proposed for North Vancouver City has been nixed with the developers blaming a handful of city councillors.

Onni Group says it’s withdrawing its application to develop its project at Lonsdale and 13th because of, “the narrow minded attitudes of a handful of city councillors.”

Mayor Darrell Mussatto says four councillors won out and voted to have a second public hearing in January.

After two years on the books, that’s when Onni said enough is enough.

Mussatto says it’s frustrating and believes there’s a group on council who doesn’t want to see any more development in North Van.

He’s also worried this could send a message to other developers…

“if we can’t do this development here i think it’s going to send a real clear message to the development community that it’s a difficult area to be developing in.”

The proposal included residential, office and retail space.




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