Letter to Council from Betty Escott re public hearing procedure

Identifying and counting the speakers at City Hall.

Just as is required for a person to sign a petition – name, address, signature – to identify who they are and where they are coming from, should it not also be a requirement for speakers in council meetings to sign up with the same information – name, address, signature  ……
Then, there would be no guesswork in who is addressing our Council and where they are from and/or the relevancy to the decision.
I RECOMMEND that you adopt this Policy IMMEDIATELY.
         Respectfully, Betty Escott                               
                              Born ‘n raised in North Vancouver
                              Lifetime Resident of Central Lonsdale


2 responses to “Letter to Council from Betty Escott re public hearing procedure

  1. Ivan – At least when transmitted on the City website it would be public but the City does not transmit public hearings. They claim it is not part of the official record so not done but really they don’t want to leave evidence when the process is being manipulated.
    George Pringle

  2. But who will confirm the accuracy of those addresses?

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