Letter to Mayor and Council from Betty Escott

Dear Mayor Darrell Mussatto,

Heard your comments this morning on Bill Goode this morning  ……
YOUR ROLE, as Mayor, is to represent the citizens/residents of the City of North Vancouver.
–  Your staff have talked to ONNI and recommended (as reported by Beau Jarvis), that they apply for a 24 storey building.  Darrell, you know that we do not want buildings higher than 18 storeys in the current OCP zone.  So this has created one of the first problems.
FSR is not something we can keep to the OCP levels.  All the neighboring buildings, the Grande, the 2 on West 13th, the Summerhill, etc have higher FSR’s
– It is your role and duty to be neutral re your City Councillors …..  (I’m sure that Councillors Pam Bookham and Rod Clarke would not make remarks without good reasons.)
– It is your role and duty to be neutral re the Applicant …..  (even if they financially supported your campaign.)
I am not against ONNI (my sons, nephew, nieces went to school with all the De Cotis and Meola families.)
I am not against business or profit for the builder/developer
I am not against growth or development
Perhaps what I am against is – our City Planning Staff who encourage Developers to go against the OCP – causing a lot 0f upset with our residents! and a lot of hassle for the Developer.
This all comes back to Density Bonusing.     WE, the Residents, do not have a Density Bonusing Policy.  Only the City Planning Staff.
IF ONNI reduces the building to 180 ft, I’m sure the other concerns can be worked out.  
I would appreciate a reply,
          Best Regards, Betty Escott

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