Copy of a comment posted on Metro news site re Onni

This is posted without permission of the commenter, we don’t know the person, however it’s a public site without copyrights so we feel it’s ok to “borrow”. It’s a great summary of the situation.
First time as a North Shore resident I can say I’m proud of our council members taking a stand and looking out for the resident’s best interest. Lets take this way back and get some points straight.
Fact 1: Onni has made campaign contributions to Mayor Darrel Mussato and possibly other council members (However, not likely Pam Bookham and Rod Clark) hahah
Note: Interesting language used in the letter to the Mayor …..“Unfortunately, we are no longer able to tolerate public abuse from
these colleagues of yours and are unwilling to continue to go to endless
rounds of public hearings until Councillors Bookham and Clark get their
way,” De Cotiis wrote.
Fact 2: Onni SIGNIFICANTLY outbid other top industry developers who bid on the land. These other developers were anticipating modest increases in FSR (Floor Space Ratio) over current rezoning requirements. Their pro-forma analysis were based on this. Onni offered way more with the idea they could go in and get WAY MORE density.
Fact 3: The density being asked for in the current application, although reduced from initial RIDICULOUS proposals, is still WAY too dense for the area. And while council has given them every opportunity to bring forth a reasonable plan that meets all stakeholder’s interests. They have failed to do so.
Note: Likely because their pro-forma would be too difficult to meet as they over-paid so much for the land
Fact 4: A letter of support for the project published in the North Shore News written as a local North Shore resident/business owner supporting the project was later revealed to have been the family member of an Onni employee. (Published and confirmed later in a follow up story)
Fact 5: While not illegal and a common practice by the development community, they did fill the council meeting with company employees, friends, family members and supporters. However the 3-1 or 4-1 ratio of supporters to those opposing the project was farcical.
Note: Many of which were believed not to be North Shore residents and whom refused to state publicly their names, addresses or affiliation with the developer for the record.
Now by publicly issuing these statements about ‘pulling’ the project and getting as much media attention as this is getting seems to be the next strategic move for the developer. ie: Try to place blame on City Councillors for not letting this project go through. The promise of affordable rental housing and childcare facilities worth about $10 million is the cost associated with upzoning a piece of property. (Development Cost Charges) These are the City’s way of paying for services for the community not a GOOD FAITH offering by the developer. Every developer in every market pays them. The difference is that Onni doesn’t want to pay a fair amount for the EXTREME increase in density.
The City is holding firm and saying to them you have to do more work.
Now the waiting game……The developer can hold that property as long as they want. They site has cost a lot of money and eventually the cost of doing so will weigh on them until they put fourth a reasonable plan, a new council is voted in or they sell the land to someone else. The city has no urgency to approve this application as is and, although not thoroughly understood by many, is to the benefit of the community.
This to me looks like a typical situation of a developer who thinks they MAKE the rules and don’t need to play by the rules. Buying land, rezoning and developing it is not a license to print money. It’s the shady tactics used by the developer that has soured this process, not the councilors holding firm on the OCP.
It would appear the developer’s next step is to implement a public SMEAR CAMPAIGN of their own….. pathetic

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