North Shore Outlook – Who are the North Van City Voices?

North Shore Outlook – Who are the North Van City Voices?.

Comments from Fred Dawkins re the article:

My take: I’m pleased with the article overall. It gives our group some public profile, and hopefully will help counteract some of the misrepresentation being spread around by friends of the Onni group.

A couple of things need to be clarified, though. The “Council-shaping” email referenced in the article was only a set of ideas kicked around by a few members of the group early on, before we even had a group. It was never the basis of a “strategy paper” nor was it ever adopted as a “campaign”, in fact most of those ideas never saw the light of day. And my quote that “We weren’t able to change anyone’s minds” had nothing to do with this campaign-that-wasn’t – it was specifically about the Harbourside development (a few of us had coffee with Councillors Heywood and Bell, separately, to discuss our concerns about the Harbourside proposal, but in the end they voted in favour of the project anyway).

I’m also sorry the reporter didn’t mention that we’ve had several delegations to Council and meetings with City staff, on subjects ranging from density bonusing policy to public engagement to the accuracy of growth statistics. In all cases we’ve had a respectful and constructive dialogue. This is relevant because our overall aim is good governance – we are trying to help make the process work better, for both the city and its residents.



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