Harry Jerome development plan-Council January 14th


Harry Jerome Recreation Centre Revitalization – File: 6520-20 HJRC-01
Report: Deputy City Manager, January 9, 2013.
PURSUANT to the report of the Deputy City Manager, dated January 9, 2013,
entitled, “Harry Jerome Recreation Centre Revitalization”:
THAT staff in co-operation with North Vancouver Recreation Commission staff
be directed to develop Option B – The Bridge Option with 350,000 square feet
of private development in mid or high rise forms in more detail, as outlined in
the January 9, 2013 report to assess phasing, continuity of service and
financial implications;
AND THAT staff report back with a recommended approach to enable a
revitalized Harry Jerome Recreation Centre to be developed in the most
expedient and efficient way;
AND THAT the endorsed program of facility spaces include a 25 metre 10
lane pool and be revised by adding 3000 square feet of multi-purpose space
(to the already endorsed 8000 square feet of multi-purpose space) to facilitate
the inclusion of Silver Harbour Centre at Harry Jerome Recreation Centre;
AND THAT staff investigate the inclusion of up to 4000 square feet and
parking for eight vehicles for a service/work area;
AND THAT $8M in existing funding allocated to this project be included in the
City’s Financial Plan in 2013;
AND THAT $250,000 be appropriated from funds in the project plan to enable
this work to proceed with the input of third party cost estimators, engineers,
and architects as necessary;
AND THAT staff be directed to obtain, on a confidential basis, the capital and
operating commitment to be made by stakeholder organizations and
associations to contribute to this refurbishment and reconfiguration process by February 28, 2013.



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