Lewis Villegas – participation in the City Shaping event Jan 19th

I look forward to meeting you and the group on Saturday. I will be there shortly after 12 noon, so that I have a chance to bump into the locals (please call me Lewis). Feel free to share this email more broadly.
I congratulate you, and your group, for succeeding in opening up the discussion. My 20 minute presentation will be packed with information about  the alternatives to towers. However, do understand that towers are very much in the picture and it will be a hard fight for any neighbourhood to change that. Possible. But not easy.
I have also congratulated staff for the flexibility they have shown in the response to your group’s request. That is truly something to feel proud about. Too often “You can’t fight City Hall” much less get City Hall to listen. These folks are doing all that.
Perhaps it will be in the City of North Van where we will be able to achieve the first steps in having a truly open debate based on concrete facts about the possibilities for realizing growth with human scale.
I am the kind of person that thrives on questions and comments. Pass the word along. The more I am interrupted during the presentation, and the more questions or comments that come from the audience, the better I can taylor the material to your particular locality. When you don’t understand something I am presenting, please speak up!
Staff needn’t worry. I taylor my responses to the material on screen so comments and questions will not extend my speaking time past 20 minutes. It just works better when many voices are joined in developing a vision for the future.
Let’s open it up when I’m on the spot, flood the room with concrete and verifiable facts about alternatives for building livable streets, and walkable neighbourhoods, and have some fun doing it!



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