What will the North Shore look like in the future?

North Shore Outlook – COVER STORY: What will the North Shore look like in the future?.

Quote from Mayor Mussatto:

But it will be Lonsdale Avenue that continues to be the centre of North Van, says City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto.

Right now, 80 per cent of residents in the city live close to Lonsdale, he says, and this number will continue to grow in the next two decades. Expect taller buildings along the main road as one-storey shops are soon torn down and replaced.

But don’t worry about a highrise towering next door to your two-storey house. People living in neighbourhoods with single-family homes shouldn’t be concerned about encroaching development, Mussatto adds, because the tall buildings must stay within blocks of Lonsdale due to building by-laws.

“More people will be living in apartments so their backyard will be the city,” says the mayor, mentioning covered play areas and more public washrooms are likely in the plans.


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