North Vancouver City gives Onni highrise approval

North Vancouver City gives Onni highrise approval.

We’re not sure Councillor Buchanan realizes that the childcare will only accommodate 37 children and provide possibly 10/12 units of “special needs” not “affordable” housing.  No one can dispute that there is a need, but is this the best use of the sale of the extra density of almost 100,000 square feet?

No mention of the impassioned speech by former Councillor Stella Jo Dean, urging Council not to support this giveaway.

Quoting Clr Buchanan in part:

Coun. Linda Buchanan noted that there is a tremendous need for childcare space and affordable housing, regardless of whether other levels of government are proactive in offering it.

“These are people that live in our community now, and for us to sit and wait and collect cash for some piece of land that we think we’re going to find in our very small five-square miles to develop some day ourselves, or for the province or the federal government to step forward, we are wishing on a dream. It’s not going to happen. I do believe there is a responsibility within our community to support the people who live here who aren’t as fortunate as some of the rest of us,” she said. “When I think about all these benefits, it is a balance. With these amenities, the benefits far outweigh the density that some are opposed to.”

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One response to “North Vancouver City gives Onni highrise approval

  1. A message to all Community Associations members in the City of North Vancouver.
    ‘ Citizens associations are the conscience of the Community’

    Because there is a great disparity between the active and the passive, the informed and the uninformed, those that care and those disinterested in Civic Affairs, community associations are faced with a great deal of work ahead. Without doubt, we need to inform a greater section of the community of the need for their participation in the affairs of City Hall in any manner they can.

    This means revealing, educating and informing members of the public of the apparent lack of transparency and ethical behaviour at City Hall. We need to explain, with reason, why we believe Council is operating this way.

    I believe the main motivation to develop all the current density in our City is due to senior governments downloading added responsibilities on to Municipalities, causing Councils to struggle to find new revenues to cover the additional costs. However, the negative effect of all the added density has upon the communities is ignored. Certain members of council are fixated on their own biases at the detriment of the community at large. This is a problem that must be addressed by the Citizens.

    While senior governments may rack up colossal deficits, it is illegal for municipalities to run a deficit. Therefore, finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place municipalities look to developers, who are always willing to build and rebuild, so that cities may maximize their revenues from property taxes. However, city councils need to be sure they receive the proper value of the public assets they part with in ‘deals’ made with developers and don’t just approve any ‘deal’ for a quick cash grab or so-called benefit. The effects of these ‘deals’ are long lasting and often detrimental with unfortunate consequences of ever-increasing density negatively effecting the livability of neighbourhoods.

    By focusing on revenues and costs, councils find they are forever focusing on governing and loose sight of the purpose for which they are governing. The full consequences of the meaning of sustainability are therefore lost, and governing becomes self- fulfilling and the need to communicate with the citizens is ignored.

    The complaint of all governments is the growing number of people needed to do the governing and at ever-increasing costs to the taxpayers otherwise ignored, except at election time.

    Therefore, it is up to the citizens themselves to remind City Councils of their responsibility to protect the livability of their citizens, the taxpayer, and their employer and that sustainability includes the Citizen. Sustainability is a balancing act weighing the needs of the City with the livability for the citizen.

    It is therefore incumbent upon City Councils to remind themselves that as elected servants of the public, they have a duty to keep taxpayers informed through democratic policies, transparent practices and the due process of the law.

    With a by-election due in 2 months it is imperative for the associations to have their candidates lined up and ready to go.

    Thank you

    Ivan Leonard


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