Letter from Stella Jo Dean to Editor, NS News

March 5 2013 (unpublished as of today)


Dear Editor




As a lifetime member of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce I would like to respond to their stance on the Onni development at 13th and Lonsdale. I want to be on record that I am not against development, however Onni is proposing  to put up a 90 foot tall, 78,000 square foot commercial building that they will own and not be stratified. In order to obtain this they are requesting a gift from the city of 53,000 square feet of density plus they are proposing to purchase an additional 25,000 square feet at a paltry $40 square foot totaling one million dollars. What an extraordinary deal for the developer to receive 78,000 square feet of density for one million dollars at the expense of the taxpayers of NVC. If there is a business demand for this commercial space, why does Onni feel it is entitled to a city subsidy.


Onni’s 2010 proposal called for 3 towers of 180, 120 and 120 feet tall, which council and citizens soundly rejected. Onni’s current proposal is misleading as it calls for only 2 towers of 240 and 180 feet, plus a commercial building of 90 feet.  To me this is still 3 towers totaling more floors than their original rejected proposal.  The Chamber seems to have no objection to this excessive density which will only make the traffic and noise pollution at this location even worse.  City council should have the courage to reject Onni’s proposal as they did in 2010.


Stella Jo Dean OC

FormerCity Councillor


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