Probably applicable to the City of North Vancouver too .. buildings in Lower Lonsdale with few lights on at night – this statement applies:
the implications of this statement in the Globe and Mail article (see below) are serious for our communities’ health and the city’s financial and economic soundness: “In Coal Harbour, where up to one in four condos is empty in the tower-dominated waterfront neighbourhood between Stanley Park and the downtown convention centre, the scattered shops in the area often struggle to stay in business.” The current City Council majority is racing to replicate towers in several communities across the city.

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Here is a followup to our previous coverage (Foreign ownership “the elephant crushing the table” of housing affordability: Brent Toderian, former planning director) and the Foreign Investment in Vancouver’s Real Estate Market public meeting on March 20 by the SFU City Program. Media today are repeating the message that nearly a quarter of condos are empty or occupied by non-residents of Canada in some dense areas in  downtown Vancouver — suggesting that investors play a major role in the local housing market.

Yaletown towers

In this discussion CityHallWatch‘s main objective is to get the public into action to hold our elected officials accountable. Call or write to your elected officials, as well as to their advisors, policy consultants, and civic political party executive members. This is serious stuff, especially in light of the political rhetoric and urgency about the need to increase the supply of housing and the speed with…

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