Keating to halt council pay during election

Voices wrote a letter to Council March 18 (posted separately on this site), one of the questions we asked was:

4. It has also been suggested that a Councillor participating in an election campaign should take a Leave of Absence from his duties, because of the potential of a conflict of interest with competing loyalties between public duty and personal interests.   We note that this week a Councillor in Coquitlam has requested a leave of absence without pay during the campaign.
The Mayor has now responded to that question with:
Item 4.  There is no law that states a member of council must take a leave of absence when running as a candidate for another level of elected office.

and now there is this news “I don’t think I can pay full attention to the job”?

from the NS News today:

Keating to halt council pay during election.

CITY of North Vancouver Coun. Craig Keating will be stepping back from some of his council duties — and all of his council paycheques — to focus on his provincial election campaign.

“At the moment the writ drops, I will cease to collect my pay from council because I don’t think I can pay full attention to the job,” Keating said. “But I will endeavor to attend every council meeting I can because I don’t want to see council business stop.”

Keating is challenging Liberal MLA Naomi Yamamoto for the North Vancouver-Lonsdale riding in the May 14 provincial election.

Local government members who run for senior offices are not required by law to step down from their elected positions, but many choose to. Under the Local Government Act, elected councillors who are on an official leave of absence can still participate in council discussion and vote at the council table.

The provincial election writ drops and the campaign officially begins on Tuesday, April 16.

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