Status of municipalities’ adoption of Regional Context Statements

The City of North Van is moving toward the Regional Context Statement which must comply with the Regional Growth Strategy and be submitted by July 29. The City Shaping event is your opportunity to provide feedback.


(Updated 7-May-13) As municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region move toward adoption of their “Regional Context Statement,” which must comply with the “Regional Growth Strategy,” they are organizing consultations with their citizens. MetroVanWatch is attempting to get an overview of the status in every municipality at this point in time, though the task is not easy. Only bits and pieces of the current status are available to the public, so it is labour-intensive to put the puzzle together. If anyone at Metro Vancouver has a list of the current status, they are not telling the public.

This official web page ( provides links to current Regional Context Statements and Official Development Plan for 21 local governments, but we are not aware of any up-to-date published information about current status. Written requests for this information result on no response so far. Anyone with more recent or detailed information, please…

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