North Van City Voices calls for transparency and debate on city’s 30-year population targets

To clarify – the population increase of 30% stated is the increase in the 2041 Regional Growth Strategy targets – the actual increase to current population is in excess of 63%.



This article from North Van City Voices we re-post here as one case study from the City of North Vancouver — regarding the kinds of questions citizens should be asking of their public servants and elected officials.

Excerpt: Why is the City ignoring speakers at Harbourside and Onni public hearings?  How could “staff” be driving the process in the City of North Vancouver. Where are the amenities for all this planned growth?  Questions must be asked.  Please attend on May 2nd. Statistics are available to prove our numbers.

Though some municipalities have already completed the process (see Status of municipalities’ adoption of Regional Context Statements), most are still now finalizing their “Regional Context Statement,” a planning document with a 30-year time horizon, under the “Regional Growth Strategy” for Metro Vancouver. Some municipalities are preparing the RCS to become their “Official Development Plan.” Yet most of the detailed work on the RCS is…

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