Cities under scrutiny

From the Vancouver Sun May 30 2013:

Cities under scrutiny.

B.C.’s new auditor general for local government will look into the spending habits and policing agreements of municipalities across the province, ranging from Surrey to Dawson Creek

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From the Vancouver Province May 30 2013:

Endless schemes such as Vancouver’s Engaged City Task Force are one reason why civic spending hugely outpaces inflation, editorial argues.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business reported a shocking fact yesterday that likely won’t surprise anyone who follows civic politics: Inflation-adjusted municipal spending in Canada increased by 55 per cent between 2000 and 2011 while the population only rose by 12 per cent.

What that means is city halls across the nation increased their spending (and taxation) at more than four times the rate of inflation. In Vancouver, real spending rose 50 per cent while the population rose by only 15 per cent. For the average Vancouver family of four, according to the CFIB, the additional taxes related to the excess spending totalled $8,007.

What’s more infuriating about all this is that all that extra spending occurred at a time when cities were allowing basic infrastructure to decay. We’re talking here about core responsibilities such as roads, sewers, cutting the grass and water supplies.

The CFIB says excessively rich wage and benefits given city employees is the chief culprit, but it’s not the whole story.

In our view, another key reason for overspending is activists posing as municipal politicians. They waste your taxes on pet projects such as bike lanes and other green schemes, bogus “public-engagement” processes, birdwatching initiatives, birthday parties for parks, street festivals, and housing and health programs better left to senior governments.

Don’t want sky-high taxes? Don’t fall for such nonsense. Vote for civic leaders who care about your wallet, not their agenda.



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