North Shore Outlook – Showcasing our past and future

North Shore Outlook – Showcasing our past and future.

Quoting in part:


The wrecking ball was king in the ’90s as historic structures like the St. Alice and Olympic Hotels were replaced by concrete condos. Celebrated ferries like the Seven Seas No. 5 were deemed too costly to save and repeated attempts by me and former councilor Stella Jo Dean to preserve some of our shipbuilding history were often mocked as a colossal waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

To be fair to our municipal leaders and staff, saving history often comes with a big price tag.  Past and present councils have done their best to preserve our history in innovative and cost effective ways but in the end council’s major focus by its very own nature is on the future.  The vast majority of work is based on what North Vancouver will look like in 10 to 20 years. It determines what tomorrow’s buildings, parks, recreational facilities, sewers and roads will be.

But today, North Vancouver city council has a chance to merge the future with the past. It has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to utilize a historical prime location as a showcase to preserve its historical past and to be an integral and vital part of a dynamic future.

A contemporary styled museum for the North Shore with the proposed location at the ‘Pipe Shop’ on the Shipyards would bring our history to life. The new museum will be a lively, interactive gathering place for all ages and attract both locals and tourists in this prime visible location. A concept plan by KEI SPACE shows that it can be done without costing the taxpayers huge dollars in Capital and ongoing operating costs.

-Bill Bell



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