Voices delegation to Council June 10 2013


North Van City Voices spoke to North Van City Council on June 10/13 about the City Shaping process (OCP revision) and the lack of proper consultation.

The link to the script follows:

NVCV-Delegation June 10 2013

and quoting in part:

We have had misgivings about the City Shaping process since the kickoff event in February 2012. In fact, that was the catalyst that led to our group coming together. It appeared to many of us that the process was being stage-managed to achieve a pre-determined goal: legitimizing this Council’s drive to accelerate the densification of North Vancouver.

Throughout the public consultation, ever-increasing density has been presented as the solution to every challenge. People want green transportation? Build more density and transit will surely follow, never mind Translink’s ongoing fiscal challenges. We want housing affordability? Build more density and the increased supply will supposedly keep prices down – even though we’ve seen the reverse happening elsewhere in the Lower Mainland. A more vibrant street scene? More density means more people strolling the streets. Economic development? More density with stores on the ground floor. And so on.


We have asked four questions and expect a response in 2-3 weeks:

1. Are Squamish First Nations developments included in the OCP population growth targets and assumptions? We have heard they are not, yet the RGS states that “all municipal totals” include First Nations communities within their boundaries, with the sole exception of Tsawwassen First Nation. Please clarify how you are figuring Squamish developments and population growth in your projections.

2. Have there been any traffic studies covering all of North Vancouver – including the District –  that examine the traffic impact of the projected population growth under various transit scenarios, including the possibility of little or no increase in transit service? If not, are any such studies contemplated?

3. In suggesting a 20% “capacity buffer”, has staff looked at what other municipalities are doing in this regard? Who else has a similar buffer built into their plans? Is 20% a standard?

4. Re. the Regional Growth Strategy, will there be an opportunity for residents to provide their input into the development of the City’s Regional Context Statement?



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