Housing Affordability and Diversity – input requested

Draft Policy Directions Document Regarding Housing Affordability                  and Diversity

The City of North Vancouver is in the process of reviewing its current and proposed policies to ensure safe, secure and affordable housing. The attached draft document, “Policy Directions: Housing Affordability and Diversity,” reviews current housing conditions and needs in the City of North Vancouver across the housing continuum, and highlights key challenges for meeting these needs in the future. The attached draft policy document will be submitted to satisfy Metro Vancouver’s requirement that municipalities adopt Housing Action Plans by July 29, 2013. 

Your comments will provide valuable input into this policy document, and will help to ensure we have accurately captured current housing challenges in the City. Though the document is primarily a summary of the City’s existing and proposed housing policies, your organization’s ideas for addressing housing affordability will help inform the creation of a revised Housing Action Plan following the Official Community Plan review now underway. We intend to
undertake further consultation to update the document in 2014 following the Official Community Plan review process currently underway.

If possible, please provide your comments to the City by June 28, 2013, in order to ensure that any questions or concerns that you may have are addressed in this policy document.

Comments received after this date will also be appreciated, as they will inform the creation of a revised Housing Action Plan. Do not hesitate to contact me directly should you wish to discuss further or have any questions.

Michael D. Epp, MCIP, RPP
Planner 2
Phone: 604-982-3936
Email: mepp@cnv.org


Details in link below:

comment directly , or email northvancityvoices@gmail.com and we’ll compile the comments and forward:






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