Harbourside update to June 7th

Harbourside progress update: May8 – June 7

A summary of what’s happening in the Harbourside planning process.Continued dialogue with TransLink
Recognizing that good public transit service is integral to the success of any community, Concert has continued exploring options with TransLink for how to best increase transit service to Harbourside. Several ideas have been put forward including the introduction of a new bus route that would service Harbourside in addition to others who aren’t currently well-connected by transit (such as the Norgate comunity or SPAN). Concert is proud to have the distinction of being the first developer to be working collaboratively with TransLink to ensure the viability of transit usage prior to construction commencing.

Development Permit Area Guidelines
City staff, advisory bodies and Concert have been working to finalize the Development Permit Area (DPA) guidelines document. These guidelines control the form and character of a development in addition to regulating the look and feel of the surrounding public realm.
For more information, click here to read the article we recently posted which discusses these guiding principles in detail.

Timeline Update
Earlier this year we had been operating under the assumption that Concert would be able to bring Harbourside to a Town Hall meeting, and subsequently a Public Hearing in the Spring. However, the determination of the appropriate type and magnitude of community amenity contributions (CACs) have taken longer than expected. A plan for proposed CACs – things like parks, public art, rental housing, street upgrades and cash donations for Council’s discretionary use – must be finalized before the plan for Harbourside can go before either a Town Hall meeting or Public Hearing. It is anticipated that we will be able to schedule a Town Hall Meeting this Summer and then a Public Hearing for early Fall.



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