OPINION: City Shaping biased in favour of density

OPINION: City Shaping biased in favour of density.

From the NS News quoting in part:

How will North Vancouver be a better place to live by increasing the population so quickly over the next 20 years?

What’s wrong with steady growth at a pace we can accommodate, in terms of the increases in services, amenities and infrastructure that we’ll need? We’re not confident that this council’s eagerness to approve more condo developments is matched by TransLink’s willingness to increase transit service, or the provincial government’s willingness to expand our only hospital. Where will our new parks come from? How long before we get a new recreation centre to serve our aging population?

To sum up, we believe the City Shaping process has been biased in favour of rapid densification. We recognize that the city will grow. But we believe the growth targets and assumptions used by staff are overstated and unjustified. We believe the people of North Vancouver want growth to be at a pace that allows amenities and services to keep up so that the quality of life that attracted us to this place will be maintained, and it will still be a great place to live in 2031.



Read more: http://www.nsnews.com/OPINION+City+Shaping+biased+favour+density/8558037/story.html#ixzz2Ws0OYrb6

One response to “OPINION: City Shaping biased in favour of density

  1. Increasing the density is all about the bureaucracy. The bigger the tax base, the more staff they can hire. In the bureaucratic world, the more people you have under you the higher your pay.

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