Voices statement to Council June 24/13


Public input presentation to NV City Council, 24 June 2013

My name is Fred Dawkins, I reside  in the City of North Vancouver, and I am a member of North Van City Voices.


I want to thank the City’s planning staff for responding so promptly to the questions we posed at the June 10 council meeting. Mayor and Council have been copied on their response letter. Unfortunately, the answers don’t do much to alleviate our concerns, and in fact leave us a little confused about the rationale for the recommendations they are providing to council.


Tonight I want to focus on one point in the letter. It’s good to know the City has consulted with the Squamish nation on its development plans, and has included First Nations population growth in the City’s population growth projections. And we note that City planners have now slightly downgraded the 2031 dwelling unit target, to 27,829.


But as we have pointed out previously, on more than one occasion, when you add up all the housing developments that are already approved or in the pipeline, the City has already surpassed that target. Planning staff have not satisfactorily addressed that point, but are still recommending to Council that the new OCP should plan for an additional 13,800 people – beyond what is already included in the 4,000 to 4,400 units that are already on the way.


We have yet to see any rational justification for this rapid bump in growth.


We continue to support the original Regional Growth Strategy target of a 1 per cent annual population growth, which will at least provide a chance for infrastructure and community amenities to keep pace with population growth.


It also seems a little backward to us, to produce a draft OCP before two critically related pieces have been completed and opened up for public review. The Density Bonusing Policy and the final RGS commitment surely need to be decided before we finalize the OCP, as these will largely determine the pace of development.


What we want is a real conversation between Council and staff and the public on growth and development, before the OCP is revised. A town hall meeting would be the right way to do it. No more closed door decisions, this issue is too important to the future livability of our community.




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