Who gets Onni amenity?

Who gets Onni amenity?.



THE question over who should get first dibs on roughly $10 million in affordable housing and childcare space the City of North Vancouver accrued through density bonusing on Onni’s Safeway site project is up for debate.

Council was prepared to vote Monday night on a motion to put out a call for expressions of interest from the non-profit sector to run the community assets, but a deep schism at the council table quickly emerged.

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2 responses to “Who gets Onni amenity?

  1. It will be of course Rod Clark that will decide if the Vision North Van Party of (Mussatto, Keating, Buchanan) will reward the organizations that provided 90% of the speakers for the Onni project during the two public hearings. Quite likely they were promised the spaces by Onni as if a Member of Council did so there would be serious legal trouble.
    The choice is a Vision back room deal or a public bidding process to allocate over $10 million dollars of assets of the City.

    It depends on which Rod Clark shows up, the one who voted against the Onni project and the one who voted for secondary suites in duplexes?

    It will also be interesting if the Council approves the sale or transfer at a massive loss to the City. This is certain with Keating’s “do it in the secret back rooms” approach.

    Perhaps it should be sold to the Province since it responsible for building and supervising spaces like this?

  2. Incredible that the City of North Vancouver would ever consider pleading “poverty” beggars belief with staggering wages and benefits our civic public servants receive; usually in the range of 200-300 percent of what a similar private sector worker.

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