Take a risk and ask the difficult questions

Take a risk and ask the difficult questions.


Quoting from the North Shore News columnist Elizabeth James today (in part):

Lastly, we come to the CityLine Developments rezoning application(s) in the City of North Vancouver.

If approved, the developer would be allowed to build three homes where two sit today – perhaps with an option to add coach-houses in the future.

Add in CityLine’s rumoured land-assembly plans for other properties in the area and my first question becomes: Why would developers pay $850,000 and $950,000 respectively for two homes in an RS-1 zone east of Grand Boulevard unless staff had given them reason to believe the subdivision would be approved?

As I asked around the time of the Onni application: Why is council underwriting the time and expense of an official community plan process if it’s not prepared to wait a few months to see what the community says about rampant density and growth, or to abide by OCP guidelines?

Building million-dollar-plus homes is to achieve profitability not affordability, which is fine; just let’s be honest about it.

Furthermore, if municipal growth strategies are being driven by the province through Metro Vancouver, why elect councils in the first place?

Because the way things stand, it seems the North Shore is headed for governance by a regional bully that is answerable to no-one beyond the weighted-vote inner core.

On June 14, neighbours forwarded a 61-signature petition to council in opposition to the subdivision and redevelopment of 732 and 736 East 15th Street.

Attached to a covering letter from area residents Kerry Morris and Mary Tourlas, the action suggests that neighbours immediately affected by the rezoning have no plans to take the proposal without protest.

This is not about “fearing change” as Sunday’s letter-writer John Gilmour wrote; it is about the rights of residents to maintain the character of the neighbourhoods they live in.

There’s much more to come on these issues. So no matter where you stand, if you want to have meaningful input to their outcome I hope you, too, will take a risk and ask all of the incisive questions they merit.

Read more: http://www.nsnews.com/technology/Take+risk+difficult+questions/8579905/story.html#ixzz2Y08mHr1q


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