Regional Context Statement (update)

The document attached is a submission from the MetroVancouver Regional Planning Commission July 5 meeting concerning the July 29th deadline for submissions.  The City of North Vancouver “anticipates submission after July 29th” – other municipalities listed here:

NVCV- Regional Context Statement update Jul 5 13

We believe this indicates there is no planned public input until the Fall when probably the draft OCP will be ready.


Also remark below from:

That the Board request that municipalities that have not submitted a Regional Context Statement by the July 29, 2013 deadline provide a status of their Regional Context Statement and the intended timing for submitting the Regional Context Statement.

METROVANWATCH NOTE: See page 354-355/425 for status of Regional Context Statements as of June 28, 2013. This is a report to the Commitee from Lee-Ann Garnett, Senior Regional Planner Planning, Policy and Environment Department. It is clear that most municipalities are being forced to rush through the process of adopting a regional context statement. We believe that this unfair and unnecessary rush is cheating the citizens of many municipalities of any opportunity for meaningful participation in the long-term planning of their own communities.

THIS IS SIGNIFICANT (EXCERPT): This report provides an update on the status of Regional Context Statements submitted to the Metro Vancouver Board for acceptance. Staff recommends that the Board request an update from municipalities that have not yet submitted a Regional Context Statement as a first step to addressing non-compliance with the statutory requirement for all municipalities to submit a RCS within two years of the adoption of a Regional Growth Strategy. The Board can then determine whether to collectively agree to allow an extension to accommodate legitimate delays, contact the Province to notify the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development of the delays or take other action.




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