Editorial: Declining trust in politicians is bad news for democracy

More on the subject of expenses: (Vancouver Sun)

Editorial: Declining trust in politicians is bad news for democracy.

Quoting in part:

Indeed the entire system whereby citizens send tax dollars to Ottawa, Victoria and Vancouver city hall is based on an assumption the money will be handled so as to benefit the sender and society overall.

Once that basic assumption is threatened, so is democracy.

Which is why it is so crucial that politicians take decisive action to start rebuilding confidence.

They must put the money where their mouths are — and introduce new accountability mechanisms that would demonstrate clearly exactly how public cash gets spent, with comprehensive online postings and follow up verification by auditors and budget officers.

Discretion and personal honour are fine concepts. But they are not working.


North Shore Outlook coverage of the Conference Debate:




One response to “Editorial: Declining trust in politicians is bad news for democracy

  1. To get accountability, you have to have transparency.

    Look for the budget on the City’s site, didn’t find it?

    Well you should look for the 2013 -2022 Financial Plan but if you try to download it you get a .ashx file not .pdf which does not open.

    If you’re a computer geek you can deal with the problem. If you just want to find out how money is being spent on free Council and staff dinners before Council meetings and don’t have time fighting MS Net problems, you’.re out of luck. You won’t be able to put it on your tablet and read it on the bus during your long commute to work an hour and a half away.

    If you did get into the Financial Plan by staying on the site, you won’t see a line by line actual budget and line items that are easy to find specific spending items.

    On page 76, you can find a list of Major Funds so something like this would be included in General Government, 12.8 million $ of spending. That’s as close as one can find without just guessing

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