Sudden changes made to secretive “Vancouver 2020” — conference to plan Vancouver’s real estate future for the year 2020

Additional comments by CityHallWatch.

  • As of this moment, the website still provides absolutely no information about the host organization or its principals. This is consistent practice, unfortunately, with many of the biggest players in land development in the Metro Vancouver region. We notice that this industry is rife with numbered companies and corporate screens. Everyone should ask, Why the Secrecy? But perhaps we can guess the answers. Perhaps we should instead simply demand more transparency from the entire development industry, led by the Urban Development Institute, which, we must mention, has failed to respond to our queries, or even to acknowledge receipt of correspondence, despite repeated requests. See CityHallWatch asks Urban Development Institute head to clarify ethical stance, balancing industry versus public interests. They must be having a glitch with their e-mail system and front desk.
  • People should be asking about the roles of the featured organizations and speakers in the secretive conference. Why the secrecy?
  • Who is really planning the future of Vancouver and the entire Metro Vancouver region?
  • Why do these elites attend industry insider events behind the corporate screen, while avoiding facing the public?
  • Has Mayor Robertson ever attended a grassroots community-organized forum in his tenure at the City?
  • At the GWAC forum on Monday night Councillor Adriane Carr was present front and centre, as well as BC MLA Shane Simpson. Councillor Andrea Reimer showed up late and was hiding in a corner until she was outed by a resident. But at least she did attend. We’ve seen other Councillors, including George Affleck, Elizabeth Ball and Heather Deal at various events put on by grassroots organizations.Where is Mayor Robertson when it comes to meeting his own citizens? Missing in action?

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

Vancouver 2020 Real Estate Action Plan website top page(Update — July 16 — To our knowledge the organizers of this event continue to hide behind a screen. Who is really behind this conference?)

After our post on July 8, 2013, about a Secret meeting to plan Vancouver’s future: Vancouver 2020 Real Estate Action Plan, apparently wheels began to turn. We were wondering about the identities of the secretive organizers of an invitation-only meeting that would  purportedly “plan Vancouver’s real estate future for the year 2020,” at a July 16 conference that featured some of the biggest names in BC politics and development. An article by Charlie Smith in The Straight on July 10,Mayor Robertson in Council ChambersMayor Gregor Robertson removed from real estate website,” reveals a couple names, and some interesting dynamics. But we sense there is a lot more of a back story to this, and will report more if news turns up. The public is left to ask…

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