Trustees question school property sales

Sale of Ridgeway Annex for $5.1 Million!  Same value as the daycare for 34 children in the Onni development! Too late to get the cash from Onni?



Trustees question school property sales.

The board is convening for a rare July meeting on Tuesday to decide whether it will go ahead with the $5.1 million-sale of Ridgeway Annex to developer Anthem Properties.

But with publicly owned land in scarce supply, trustee Barry Forward is warning it would be financially imprudent to sell the land to private interests.

“The message that I get, loud and clear, is ‘Be very careful when you consider selling something such as a school, because you’ll never get it back.'” Forward said. “We’re asking the local communities to sell themselves short today for something that could be worth a lot and be a big community asset long term,” Forward said.

Ridgeway Annex is one of several shuttered schools the board has selected through its Land Learning and Livability public process for potential sale or long-term lease. The district is negotiating to lease Plymouth elementary to the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation for an adult skills training centre, and the Lucas Centre and Cloverly School, Keith Lynn and Monterey sites are also on the block.

If the board could find tenants to lease the vacant schools or find a new use that serves the public interest, Forward said he would be more supportive.

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