City to mull report on density bonusing

City to mull report on density bonusing.


Quoting in part from the North Shore News:

Ultimately, the city needs to remember what its first priority is when looking at development proposals — creating a livable, workable urban environment while using density bonusing to complement that with needed amenities, Toderian said.

“You need to have the credibility with the community that you are not increasing density to achieve amenities. There are many reasons to want to do density for the public interest but achieving amenities is not a reason to want to do density. It’s a way of doing density well,” he said. “I think many in the community have a perception that councils, and not just yours, are increasing density just to achieve amenities. That’s what I call the tail wagging the dog.”

To remedy that, Toderian said the city needs to do a better job communicating to the public about how the system works. It also needs to do a better job of tracking the value of amenities gained, he said. Both have been lacking and causing more frustration as projects make their way through the council process, Toderian added.


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Partial quote from Voices delegation to Council May 2012 (full script available under Council heading):

– We know that our city has no written policy on density bonusing and, we strongly suspect that because of that, the city is not getting as much value for additional density and favourable  rezoning as municipalities that do have such policies.  We need a transparent, airtight policy on density bonusing in order to  develop a reputation for dealing professionally and consistently with development issues.



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