Consultation in ‘engaged city’ is broken

Tuesday, July 30: Consultation in ‘engaged city’ is broken.

From the Vancouver Sun,  referring to Vancouver and quoting in part:

I attended this workshop and, like many of my neighbours who also attended, was disgusted by the ‘let’s play developer’ exercise orchestrated by the city planners. To boot, the group at my spouse’s table included a real estate agent handing out business cards and a city architect significantly influencing the scale of building development. My neighbours reported similar backgrounds were found at their tables. To say the neighbourhood residents agree with the results of this workshop would be disingenuous.

The consultation process is broken and demands a reboot where city planners directly engage and listen to affected residents and local businesses.”

This comment mirrors our experience at a City Shaping event, and it would seem the land use scenarios that will form the revised OCP, will be a result of this “let’s play developer” exercise.  We “pretended” where to place density for the next twenty years, when it’s already been placed and approved.

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