Stalled on the highway to livability

Stalled on the highway to livability.


Quoting in part from Pete McMartin’s column, Vancouver Sun today:

Vancouverism may have global influence, as its admirers claim, but its local reach is short, and if I had to put a boundary on it, I would say it would be no farther than Main Street to the east and Broadway to the south. Anything outside of that small pocket of urbanity and you find the real Vancouver, a deeply, deeply conservative expanse of conventional neighbourhoods that could just as well be in the suburbs. Their residents view densification with loathing and wish to preserve what is left of their leafy pasts. Vancouverism has found little purchase there.

It is these neighbourhoods that Vancouver city council has run up against lately and found nothing but push-back. Densification? Somewhere else, please. Highrises? Up yours.

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