New development 100 block Lonsdale

Quoting from Elizabeth James’ article about the small business tax gap  in the News today:

“On a much brighter note: I could not attend the July 30 public meeting where the Staburn Property Group unveiled its proposal for redevelopment of 101-149 Lonsdale Ave. So when a friend thought to email me a photograph of the drawings, I was blown away by what I saw. Staburn and its heritage consultant Don Luxton have not only found a way to include the shape of the original building at 101, the entire frontage of the block marries the best of the original architectural lines with those of today.

Award winning? If city staff can be satisfied as to the development’s compatibility with complex building codes, I think Staburn has a winner.”

Read more:

rendering of the proposed (application has not yet been before Council) building she refers to:  

2 responses to “New development 100 block Lonsdale

  1. I had an hours conversation with the developer. He told me this was his first adventure on the North Shore and Yes, he is a member of UDI but rarely attends their meetings. The chair of the Heritage Society in the District and myself implored the developer Stephen Henderson to recognise that Lower Lonsdale is a distinct community from the rest of the North Shore and being the very location where the City started it would be wonderful if the design of the building recognised that. We were very supportive of what he has created, but suggested that the individual store fronts recognised their individuality and incorporated different designs that reflected the heritage and location of the site. This can be achieved by somehow following the Moodyville design up the street, but either side of the Arches. Both Stephen and the young (To me ) female member of the architect team was very supportive of our suggestions. The Landscape artist present also listened attentively. The overall design of the building no doubt followed the two building opposite, at the corner of 1st and Lonsdale East side and the old Paine Hardware building. I think its very commendable but I stand by my suggestions for the streetscape designs. That would allow the massiveness of the present design to “float” above the street. I notice that this picture does not illustrate the Mews that runs through the building to the lane behind the structure. The Mews (or lane) is located beside the lower arches. The email address for Staburn Group is Ivan.

    • Steve Henderson

      Design development continues Ivan, with a particular emphasis on the streetscape details as you and a few others have pointed out, Thanks,
      Steve Henderson

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