Whose City Is It Anyway – profit over people

In Vancouver and around the world, middle-class citizens rage against planning that favours profit over people.


From The Tyee speaking of Vancouver, but applicable to the City of North Vancouver – where there has been NO open discussion about land use and planning:



Quoting in part:

Area stakeholders who had participated in good faith, who were assured again and again that in Vancouver planning was collaborative and democratic; were surprised, then ashamed of their gullibility, then outraged at the betrayal.

One expects this turn of events to have long lasting significance, and the signs are not good.

Already voices are raised, including the mayor’s, equating resistance to the plan with resistance to affordable housing and sustainable transport. Opponents are thus tarred with the NIMBY brush, even though these same citizens had previously agreed to substantial increases in the population of their neighbourhood.

The rage generated by this feeling of impotence can sometimes seem incoherent, leaderless, unfocused — but the rage is real and it’s powerful enough to threaten established governments.

This rage seems particularly acute when democratic practices have been subverted — when leaders present a face of community connection and a commitment to consultation on the one hand, but are driven by external motivations which have only a limited connection to immediate local needs and current democratic processes.

One response to “Whose City Is It Anyway – profit over people

  1. There are so many condos under constructions in north van that one has to wonder what’s going to happen when those condos fill up. That extra population means TOO MANY VEHICLES!! Our two bridges cannot and will not be able to handle rush hour traffic.
    The present traffic is bad enough. People are frustrated already when traffic is backed up
    all over the North Shore. The responsibility for this problem lies directly on the heads of our present municipal leaders. They are the ones who allow development to proceed on the North Shore regardless of what the citizens want. The only way to control development
    is to get out and OUT VOTE the supporters of this insanity. It doesn’t take a genius to
    figure out how difficult it would be to build a new crossing now or in the near future.
    We can expect rhetoric from our present leaders about how they will solve our traffic problems. Election is coming up, so is the rhetoric!

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