Central Waterfront Area Vision-updated

Following is an update to this previous posting with more detail, the survey is now posted on the City site.  Meeting September 16 details below.

Plans from the bid notice: Picture of the Site is on page 8 of this document:

Central Waterfront Area Vision and Branding RFQ

The Central Waterfront area of the City (see attached Map) is undergoing a
transformation from a derelict shipyard site to a unique public waterfront
destination offering a range of retail, restaurant and public space uses.
Planning for this overall site and specific sites within the area has been
underway for a number of years and while some decisions have been made
about specific and potential uses, the City would like further planning work to
be guided by a vision and branding for the area. The current development
status of the various sites within the area are highlighted below:
Foot of Lonsdale
The feasibility of relocating the Media Arts Gallery to the Foot of Lonsdale is
being investigated including the potential to include some retail and food and
beverage services. A plan will need to be developed for the future public
space including the use of the Cates deck (former Cates tugboat shed will be
removed) and outdoor seating for a future restaurant on Lot 3. The City has
entered into a long term lease with Seaspan to allow the moorage of private
yachts on City water lots at the Foot of Lonsdale.
Lot 3
There is a potential for a destination restaurant on south end of the building
with smaller CRUs on North end.
Lot 4
A feasibility study is currently underway to develop a new North Vancouver
museum on Lot 4. If this doesn’t prove feasible alternative uses for this
building will be considered including retail.
Lot 5
There is a potential for mixed use retail, public space and private
development (hotel room expansion) on this lot. Further planning work is on
hold pending completion of the vision and branding.
Future development Lot North of Lonsdale Quay
Potential for mixed use development. Options are currently being discussed
with the developer.

Previous posting:

Central Waterfront Area Vision.


Date: Monday, September 16th
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Place: Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier, Ballroom #1 (138 Victory Ship Way)
Facilitator: Roger Brooks

I spoke to Barbara Pearce, Director, Special Projects at the City and she advised that the meeting will be a presentation from Roger Brooks. He’s a destination marketer and will speak about the methodology at a high level of what makes a great destination.  There will be a Q&A, and a survey will be posted on the City website shortly.

The Waterfront area has long been a discussion at Council and it’s good news that we seem to be moving along.  The following link to the City site seems to show Harbourside (in 2009) more or less as the application for the OCP amendment was presented, except that you are able to see mountains and no tall buildings in one shot.


For those interested, link to Roger Brooks website:




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