Train Noise and comment

On Global TV News and Video September 1:

and a report to Voices from David Knee, featured in the story:

We have actually had a couple of meetings at John Weston’s office with John ,CN and N.V. district personnel and things have improved but there are still some nights when the noise mostly the whistling which is the loudest wakes the residents from their sleep but the squealing is becoming a bigger issue for the residents closer to the tracks.
Our main problem is getting CN to admit they whistle in our area as we have anti-whistling bylaws on both our main rail crossings (Pemberton & Philip) and they can use the Stop & Go Procedure ( which they appear to be doing now) on the sidings so they do not have to whistle. Bridge road  crossing  under the Lions gate bridge is a private crossing and does not require whistling but it does have a remotely/manually controlled gate for safety.
Unfortunately there are three crossings in the City of N.V. that CN is required to whistle at which are fairly close to us, Bewicke, Mosquito Marina and Mahon (could be Forbes) and that is where CN says the whistling that we hear is coming from. I have communicated with the City and they said there would be no gates installed and anti-whistling bylaws on any crossings until at least 2016.
Any help in getting the gates and anti-whistling sooner on these crossings would be appreciated unlike the eastern part of the City none of these crossings are on or access to Port Metro land.
CN is proposing a monitoring session on the night of 28th September to identify where the whistling is coming from if there is any whistling that night.
Will let you know the outcome of the CN monitoring session on the 28th

2 responses to “Train Noise and comment

  1. Oh come on now. What was there first – you or the trains? Did you not consider noise when moving near the waterfront of Canada’s largest seaport? Nobody to blame but yourself on this one.

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