Vanishing Vancouver: Original houses being demolished at unrelenting rate

On July 22 2013, the City of North Vancouver Council  passed a motion to issue a demolition permit for a house at 229 East 19th Street, one in a row of 11 Category “A” listed heritage houses built in 1910.  This area is one of only  three low density character areas remaining in the City.  The Heritage Advisory Commission unanimously rejected the issuance of a demolition permit.   This leads one to ask the five members of Council who voted for this motion, why bother to have Advisory Committees?  Councillors Bookham and Heywood voted against.


Quoting from The Province in part:

ACROSS VANCOUVER, original homes – the first houses to be built on land once forest or brush – are in need of protection, says Adderson.

Too many are falling prey to wrecking balls and bulldozers. In her neighbourhood, most homes are purchased for their lots and replaced by new, larger houses that often sit empty for years before being purchased, she says.

“I find it distressing on so many levels that these places are being wantonly torn down with no regard for history, narrative or the environment,” says Adderson, a writer and novelist who wrote an essay about her home in Geist magazine.

“What does it say about the soul of a city? That’s what goes when you rip these houses down.”.

Vanishing Vancouver: Original houses being demolished at unrelenting rate.




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