Lower Lonsdale Transformation (updated)

from the Georgia Strait today: no mention of the hoped for North Van Museum?


During the Council meeting on October 7th, there was a discussion of the Central Waterfront Retail Strategy, with what seemed to be focus on retail opportunities, including expansion of the hotel.   I think the last time the Mayor was quoted about possibilities – he stated he was in discussion with the Vancouver Aquarium about “a satellite location”.  Interesting that a ferris wheel is now a sparkle in his eye.  Following is script of one of the speakers at the public input section of that Council meeting:

A growing number of international waterfront cities capitalize on land development by re-appropriating industrial land for public use. North Vancouver is poised to do the same, as Copenhagen, Malmo Sweden, Chicago and Toronto, all of which chose to create large open air plazas for the betterment of the community and to attract economic growth.

I was encouraged by the recent public consultation with Roger Brooks as he assured us that he accepted this project based on the provision that Lot 5 become a public Plaza with development centred around it. In a waterfront city where we the citizens have almost no access to our own waterfront, Mr Brooks seemed to value how important public access will be in attracting money to our area.

However, I am confused by the Colliers report which indicates that Lot 5 be slated for retail, and Hotel expansion. I am confused that both the colliers and Staff reports indicate that a world renown anchor tenant like Presentation House Gallery should have retail on the first floor. We have a world class city opportunity with a stunning natural setting we do not need another Starbucks or frozen yogurt.”

Sandra Hanson
North Vancouver

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