Foot of Lonsdale Planning | City of North Vancouver


The Foot of Lonsdale is about to undergo major changes!

The Foot of Lonsdale has been the commercial focus of North Vancouver for nearly one hundred years and was the transportation hub for the first half of the 20th Century. Despite surrounding land use, and historical use, the Foot of Lonsdale is currently underutilized, and provides an opportunity to provide a dynamic waterfront hub area, complementing and connecting adjacent developments and providing public access to the waterfront.

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Foot of Lonsdale Planning | City of North Vancouver.




Foot of Lonsdale Open House

Location: Presentation House (3rd Street and Chesterfield Avenue)
Date:       Tuesday November 5, 2013
Time:       6:00pm to 9:00pm


To view the open space design presentation provided to Council in September 2013, click here.The design for Foot of Lonsdale will be coordinated with the Central Waterfront Visioning process as it evolves.



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