Time to Revisit an Inland Tunnel

From the NS News, quoting in part:

Fast track to 2013. We’ve been enduring frenzied residential growth in North Vancouver. We’ve seen municipal planners offer developers more than what they want. Our mayors and councillors have to try and sort out the mess. Most try to do the right thing under the circumstances. Crying about sleazy decisions that sometimes creep in won’t help. People elected them, and there’s another year of full-throttle condo mania ahead before the next polls.

It’s the new “Vancouverism” – the architectural view that a landscape littered with glass towers which look like any other urban sprawl will somehow make the rapidly diminishing beauty of our inner urban region “unique.” We’re told it’s sustainable, world-class. That’s the big developer lie. The greater Vancouver area is growing more congested, expensive, visually shabbier, less citizen-friendly. Builders will remind you that the LEED platinum standard used to wow the locals into accepting more glass towers doesn’t meet building code in Scandinavia. These glass convection ovens require huge mechanical heating and cooling systems to maintain their indoor environments. What’s sustainable about that? Remember the old tenet: when we accept the bad medicine of Big Growth, we’re supposed to see the advantages of better buses, roads, a new crossing over to downtown – a tunnel or a widening at least of the Ironworkers, if the structure can take it.

– See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/news/carolan-time-to-revisit-an-inlet-tunnel-1.673777#sthash.RSrlpjVe.dpuf


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