Voices statement to Council Nov 04 2013

Statement by Marc Pedersen at public input re “Financing of Election Campaigns” motion by Councillor Heywood.

NVCV- Statement to Council Nov 4 2013

We’re pleased to report that the motion passed with the support of Councillors Bell, Bookham, Clark and Heywood.  We note that the Councillors who did not support the motion – Buchanan, Keating and Mayor Mussatto had the highest amount of campaign contributions – respectively $16,465, $15,438, and $52,121 with the lowest personal contribution amounts – respectively $47, $592, and the Mayor had a credit of $34. 

Personal amounts disclosed in the Campaign Financing Statements for the Council members who supported the motion were:  Councillor Bell, total $14,000, personal contribution $5480; Councillor Bookham, total $7300 personal contribution  $5980; Councillor Clark total $6200, personal contribution $4600; Councillor Heywood $9067, personal contribution $8692 plus a $300 charitable donation (figures are approx).

Details available here:



3 responses to “Voices statement to Council Nov 04 2013

  1. Perhaps in spirit of the motion, which passed, Voices should not endorse candidates who have received donations in the last two elections by the city hall union or developers? In the last election Amanda Nichol was almost entirely funded by her union CUPE 389 and VOICES hero Rod Clark was funded by the same union two elections ago.

    Amanda joined her “brothers and sisters” in receiving an endorsement and a stack of cash, Darrel Mussatto, Craig Keating, Linda Buchanan, Juliana Buitenhuis, Cheryl Leia, it was in fact was mailed out to NDP and union supporters and served as the NDP slate.

    The disclosure statement by Rod Clark for his 2005 Mayor’s run is long gone from the City website and I bet a look through the donations would show those in the development community.

    The Provincial government will be putting a bill in the House in the spring, the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act but is waiting until the election of 2017 to put in laws restricting donations and imposing expense limits. Federal and Provincial law puts per voter system in $1.09 per voter. The list had almost 32,000 voters in last time so only the Mayor’s re-election campaign would be impacted by this. If he does decide to run. A run against Andrew Saxton is possible.

    • northvancityvoices

      We’re more interested in what candidates do going forward from now on, not so much what donations they accepted for past elections (when accepting such donations wasn’t as much of a controversial issue). If we decline to support any candidate who has ever accepted a donation from either a union or a developer, our list of endorsed candidates will be very short and probably very inexperienced.

      Or, to put it another way, a candidate’s history of funding is just one of several criteria we will use to decide which ones to endorse. This is, of course, assuming that Voices will endorse any candidate.

  2. Fantastic news, finally we can be rid of the NDP farm team at city hall.

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